Stefan Arts




1999 – to date

Tax S. Arts, Luxembourg, grand duchy of Luxembourg

General Manager


As of February 15, 1999 Stefan Arts opened his own office and after some name changes, the name of the company had been fixed on Tax S. Arts.


The core activities of Tax S. Arts are in the field  of rendering Luxembourg tax advice in an international context, preparing and negotiating with the Luxembourg Inland Revenue advance tax ruling requests and some tax compliance type of work.


As from the date of opening of the office, Tax S. Arts´clients have increased and still increase in number. Among these clients are important US, Swedish and Dutch quoted software companies, US, Italian and Romanian pharmaceutical industries (of which some are listed), an important tour operator group established on a worldwide basis, a Brasilian quoted mining company, an important Belgian group of companies active in logistics, some companies active in the production and sale of jewellery, an important US real estate group, a car import company, an UK broadcasting group and an important food and beverage group having presences all over the world. In addition to these multinational clients, Tax S. Arts offers it tax advisory services and tax compliance services to some medium sized companies, artists and sportsmen – and women and to some high net worth individivuals / informal investors.  


Various publications made on the Luxembourg holding regime and some seminars held (EFE).


1997 – 1999

MeesPierson (Luxembourg) S.A. (Banque Générale du Luxembourg)) Luxembourg, grand duchy of Luxembourg

General Counsel


Activities in the field of tax advice to the management of the company, including the acquisition of private banks and internal mergers and acquisitions, and assisting clients and prospective clients of this bank.  Further activities were the assistance- from a tax angle - of the local Trust Department (MeesPierson Trust (Luxembourg) S.A.) and services with regard to the establishment, maintenance and liquidation of tax driven structures in Luxembourg.


Publication made on the Luxembourg tax regime of taxable holding companies. Internal trainings and publications in Offshore Reports.  

1994 – 1997

Loyens & Volkmaars (LoyensLoeff) Luxembourg, grand duchy of Luxembourg

Tax Consultant


Activities in the field of tax advice to a wide range of multinational clients based worldwide, such as Italian conglomerates, Canadian -, US -, and UK corporations. The advice included the Luxembourg and international tax aspects of  Mergers and  Acquisitions, holding  and finance structures, the preparation and negotiation of Luxembourg advance tax rulings.


1991 – 1994

Loyens & Volkmaars (LoyensLoeff) Breda, The Netherlands

Tax Consultant


Assisted the local partner in charge of the office by preparing tax advices for a multinational clientele including some of the most prestigious stock listed Dutch corporations. In addition to these activities, advice was provided to some oil and gas companies, high net worth individuals and local medium sized companies.


1989 - 1991

Price Waterhouse (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tax assistant


Assisted some partners and senior managers of this firm in preparing tax advice for a wide range of multinational clients, thereby focussing on the Dutch tax aspects of international tax planning.


Areas of attention were the Dutch advance tax ruling practice, real estate businesses, mergers and acquisition, some aspects of tax compliance and finance structures.